Monday, December 28, 2009

airball men back from the dead

been a while since i edited this thing. been too busy with school work and looking at myself in the mirror and getting surprised everytime i see myself. i look too damn good. no, really, i do. i make women's panties fall off just like that. and pigs can fly.

anyone else felt the triumphant return of t-mac? yeah, i'm sure all of you answered "NO," because of 2 undeniable truths:
1. the world has passed t-mac by
2. it's not even close to being triumphant.

well he did return and averaged 3.2 points in 7 minutes a ballgame while shooting an ice cold 36%. when you once scored 13 points in 35 seconds against the spurs and won back-to-back scoring titles and are now relegated to the bench as a first-half player, you know your team doesn't want you anymore.

question is, does anybody else want t-mac?

he may not be the dominant all-star who once battled kobe bryant for backcourt supremacy in the league, but i think he can still be a good second or third scoring option on other teams (and by "other teams" i meant 80% of the eastern conference). or he could go to the philippines and dominate the philippine basketball association.

did anybody watch the lakers-cavs game? it was a playoff atmosphere inside staples center, complete with commentators saying "the referees are letting them play!" and some foam-finger-throwin' from the LA crowd. it reminded me of the glory days of the NBA in the 80's and 90's, because back then the referees didn't automatically blow the whistle upon seeing contact. now they seem to not want any scratch on the faces of the players. what's up with that? the NBA is a grown-up's league and some slight contact can be shrugged off, unless you're lebron james.

anyway, happy new year.

EDIT! here's a comment from my best friend "anonymous," who is clearly anti-lebron:
and yes, i hate lebron. the NBA's trying too hard to "create" another jordan, but you can't create that. it just happens.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kobe's still on top.

Charley Rosen of said it best:
Because of his gigantic talents, his overwhelming power, his freight-train speed, his resounding dunks and his chase-down blocks of breakaways, most NBA watchers believe LeBron James to be the best player in the league.

While conceding LBJ's gargantuan upside, I humbly beg to disagree. By my lights, the honor belongs to Kobe Bryant.

Here's why:

- Kobe's low-post game is much more effective than LeBron's. This is somewhat puzzling given LBJ's size, strength and ability to finish.

- Kobe's left hand is better around the hoop, and his off-handed shots also have better range.

- Kobe has a better handle, both in and out of traffic.

- There's no comparison between Kobe's reliable jumper and LeBron's erratic one.

- Kobe is a more reliable shooter at the free-throw line — 84.0 percent lifetime to LBJ's 73.8.

- No right-minded observer would disagree Kobe is the best clutch shooter extant.

- Although he often is hypnotized by the ball, Kobe is still a superior defender.

- In the attack zone and on the outskirts, Kobe enjoys a considerable advantage in sheer creativity.

- Given that LBJ measures 6-8, 250, while Kobe is a mere 6-7, 210, their offensive rebounding stats are significant. James averages 1.3 while Bryant's average is 1.2. All things considered, then, it's clear Kobe also out-performs LeBron in this category.

- Whereas LBJ's pre-game antics are often childish — all of the dancing, fake photo-snapping, showering court-siders with rosin dust — Kobe has a much more serious and focused approach.

- Unlike LeBron, Kobe doesn't use the imperial third person when talking about himself.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

reactions to the young season

well, 5 percent of the NBA season is now behind us, but teams are still searching for an identity (especially the revamped powerhouse teams, save for a few) or are surprising some people.

the lakers, who began the season without pau gasol, have also now lost the services of andrew bynum (yes, it's time once again for the annual andrew bynum injury party). as such, we haven't seen the lakers' true identity this season and they're not nearly as scary as what we know they can be. so far, kobe bryant's been carrying the team on his back with a couple of 40-point games. ron artest is beginning to find his role in phil jackson's tried-and-tested-and-proven triangle offense, and lamar odom's probably eating more candy. as of this writing, they are holding a 5-1 win-loss slate, and will only get better as the season progresses. although seeing dj mbenga take jumpshots and fail miserably is kind of a joy to watch. now i think it's time to bring out adam morrison and let him shoot, shoot, shoot.

boston? no surprise there. out of all the powerhouse teams that added more weapons on their roster, the celtics have been in top form since game 1. 'sheed and daniels have been great off the bench and the old guys in the starting lineup are still out for blood and another run at the championship. this is one scary team, although their first loss courtesy of the suns shows that they're still vulnerable and aren't capable of going 82-0. still, they're on pace to deliver on rasheed wallace's prediction of eclipsing the 1996 chicago bulls' 72-10 record. brian scalabrine is again competing for a championship and an imaginary finals MVP award.

orlando has been a joy to watch this season. that is one potent team right there. vince carter's gone down with another ankle sprain (what's new), but at least it's still early in the season. dwight's getting his usual 20's and 10's, jameer's working himself back into all-star form, and ryan anderson has been a revelation. his early season play suggests that he wasn't just a bonus in the VC deal. and of course, my man brandon bass still looks like a meaner version of antonio mcdyess.

cleveland? well, for a team that went 39-2 at home last year, they've now lost 2 home games this season. they're still trying to find a way how to effectively make shaq and lebron play together. big diesel takes away so much from lebron's slashing game by just standing there and filling up the paint, and the cavaliers have actually played better with o'neal on the bench. sadly, it seems that coming off the bench hasn't been particularly good for zydrunas ilgauskas, as he has struggled to find his offense because of it. but i'm not saying the cavaliers aren't gonna win a championship, because the 2006 miami heat are still fresh in my mind (yes, that team gave antoine walker his only title). and as long as the referees and the NBA try to make lebron the new face of the league, the cavs will keep contending. but lebron will probably have another crab dribble called against him.

i have (surprisingly) watched spurs games this year primarily because of two things: one, i wanna see manu ginobili swat another bat and endure another beatdown from PETA; and two, i can't believe the spurs got to steal dejuan blair from the draft. that guy's a beast. he can give you an efficient 15-20 minutes off the bench and finish scoring in double figures plus a handful of rebounds. richard jefferson, on the other hand, is still trying to find a way to fit in with san antonio's already-established trio of injury-prone stars - eva longoria's hubby, mr. fundamental, and batmanu.

surprising me this year are the phoenix suns. steve nash is beginning to prove that mike d'antoni didn't inflate his stats and that this team can still win 48-52 games. channing frye, with the help of nash, is now on the road to resurrecting his career and amar'e has finally learned to play with goggles. the suns are running once again, and things could be pretty good for phoenix.

finally, the miami heat have surprised me with their 5-1 start (only the third time in franchise history have they started the season at 5-1). jermaine o'neal is actually looking like he's healthier than cleveland's o'neal and he's out to prove that he isn't as washed-up as people think of him these days. i really think pat riley opted not to add any marquee player this year since he believes in the improvement of mario chalmers and michael beasley, and so far they've shown flashes of brilliance. thankfully, quentin richardson seems like a better fit with miami than he ever was with the knicks, and carlos arroyo and udonis haslem coming off the bench gives the starters some precious minutes of rest (arroyo can score and udonis is the admirable double-double no-complains guy).

Monday, October 26, 2009

the (B)east is (coming) back

it's been far too long a time since michael jordan last hoisted the larry o'brien NBA championship trophy and reaffirmed his status as the best in the game. it also was the final time the east declared supremacy in the league, with the west (specifically the spurs and the lakers) snagging 5 straight championships and 8 of the last 11 overall, while articles containing various mockeries of the east have been published by writers and bloggers all over the globe.

but ever since KG and ray allen began wearing green jerseys, power has slowly shifted back to the east. sure, the lakers won the 2009 crown, but the east ain't no pushover any longer. last year alone, the cavs, celtics, and magic were considered serious contenders to the title with only the lakers being the clear favorites out west.

this year, the east will be one step closer to regaining the letter "B" that's supposed to come before "E." too long has the eastern conference suffered humiliating finals defeats.

also, while the west still currently has the established superstars such as kobe, dirk, chauncey, tony parker, steve nash, and amar'e, the east has much of the rising youngsters such as lebron, d-wade, d-rose, chris bosh, dwight howard, rondo, and devin harris. these guys already are scary players but most of 'em haven't even reached their peak. meanwhile, their western counterparts, while still great, now have knees that revolt against them and are experiencing drop-offs in their performance.

it all started in the draft of '03... you know, that draft where the world was introduced to lebron james, dwyane wade, chris bosh, kirk hinrich, and all them guys? a year later the pistons demolished the lakers. a little while later, lebron started attacking the record books. then d-wade won one for the heat. then lebron singlehandedly brought an otherwise mediocre cleveland team to the finals. it's been a great ride for the east from then on.

finally, it's interesting to find out that the east won the 2004, 2006, and 2008 championships, which are all even-numbered years. 2010, perhaps?

it's only a matter of time.

...but we all have to wait for kobe's decline

...i just did a rhyme.

ah, i'll stop now.

Monday, October 19, 2009


it ain't part of the game, but it happens.

the thing with basketball fans is that they love to heckle and insult and curse and throw dirty fingers at the cagers playing against their favorite team/s, and they feel invincible while doing it since, after all, there's a barricade which divides the audience from the 10 guys on the court playing basketball.

but apparently, invincibility is just an illusion and basketball players are also members of the human race (therefore they also have boiling points and they watch boxing as well).

so what have we learned?
1. better be able to back yourself up.
2. don't sing it, bring it.
3. if you're gonna heckle from the sidelines, better be ready for things like this.
4. or don't heckle at all.
5. especially if it's against a team playing a tightly-contested game.
6. self-control is the key to life.
7. losing self-control can make you heckle a lot OR make you want to punch someone multiple times.
8. shit happens.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009



i promise to be a good boy if santa claus ever decides to drop me a pair.

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